Purifying sanitary boat

Boat • Barge • pilot project

Thanks to an INTENSIVE greennovative adsorbing biofiltration water treatment solution – ORGASORB inside – we can purify river water to deliver metal & pesticide free drinking water.

A sanitary boat
what for?

In South America, the great extension of river routes allows us, through traffic and maritime commerce, to connect practically more than 5 million people who do not have any health and emergency system of greater capacity and technology.

Drinking water and ice free of contaminants
+ medical attention
+ sanitary and veterinary analysis

∞ 33 kms / day 💧 15 680 persons day
1 ton of clean ice per day • 15 sailors


Purify river water to dispatch safe water free of metals and pesticides. | Clean Ice production.


Obstetric and medical care.


Analysis of Blood, Urine and Water for sanitary and veterinary purposes.


Dispatch safe drinking water

Micro-pollutant free - in collaboration with local JACs and in alignment with existing infrastructures.

Close health care

provide quality care to populations living in remote areas.

Analysis Services

Services that require short deadlines to process the tests and communicate the results.

The services of this river sanitary boat can impact up to 14 UN SDGs.

The problem to be solved now.

Pollution of water bodies and the Environment
causes contamination of food sources and drinking water, causing poisoning and infertility in all populations and arable land.

If our solution is not integral, it allows supplying SAFE drinking water - immediately and self-managing - to the residents, while the Governance is in charge of the inspection and other investments in water and waste treatment infrastructures.

Mercury Poisoning

Villagers ingest this neurotoxic heavy metal by eating fish, its fruits and vegetables, and drinking water from surface water bodies and aquifers. Mercury bioaccumulates in organisms, being a silent poison that kills life.

Heavy Metal Poisoning

The other source of contamination comes from the world’s tallest illegal mines, located 100 kilometers up the hill, where thousands of informal miners use up to 15 tons of mercury per year to purify the golden metal and whose toxic waste reaches the lake by a river. .

Pesticide poisoning

The inappropriate use of pesticides and other chemicals in the primary sector threatens to pollute the waters, causing damage to the economy and health of billions of people, whether urban or rural.


We thank photojournalists Laura Mejia and Victor Galeano of the BAUDO Agency in Pereira (Colombia) for giving us such a clear view of the impacts, causes and consequences of this invisible contamination.

A floating mobile Drinking Water Treatment Plant

mobile sanitary and water purification unit with INTENSIVE biofiltration adsorbent • removal of heavy metals and pesticides.

Our project includes the construction of a multi-functional boat but with a primary sanitary purpose. This mobile health center ship can produce a minimum of 15,000 liters of drinking water per hour (15m3 / hour – 345m3 per day), that is, supplying 15 680 people daily | 20L / Pers / Day | and 2875 people | 120L / Pers / Day.

to dispense drinking water pillows

- free of heavy metals and glyphosate.

flexible tanks anchored at delivery points • Barge • pilot project

We suggest that the PTAP boat replace the flexible tanks – “water pillows” – at the delivery points so as not to delay the PTAP Boat or divert it from its route and ensure the quantity of water in the best hygiene conditions. The boatmen of the population served are in charge of remorca the small barge – “water pillows” – to the final delivery point.

and keep it safe when taking it at home or at school.

whatever the condition of the village tanks or houses.

FILTRO DEL ABUELO™  dispenser filter includes an activated carbon and ceramic cartridge with 0.1 micron pores (PURE MICROFILTRATION) that removes up to 99.99% of bacteria and parasites in addition to the chlorine captured by activated carbon to preserve drinking water from any contamination when drinking or cooking.

Make it real together, for them.

sanitary purifier vessel.

∞ 33 km daily 💧15 680 persons/day
1t of clean hice • 15 sailors

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