Solutions to decontaminate water naturally for reuse



Due to the MODULAR character of the ORGASORB inside filters, and the experience of our allies, we do not contemplate flow limits in the design of our engineering.

The project raises its own limits.

Filters' Cartridges

Filters and spare parts.

Filtration Modules

To update and complete your existing water line.

Eco-Friendly Water treatment plants

We design them, we manufacture them, we implement them and we can also operate them.

Irrigation Water Treatment Plants

Are you looking for quality water to irrigate your organic crop? We design, manufacture, implement them and we can also operate them.

Why reuse water? What for?

  • Compliant shedding
  • Industrial Standards & Normative compliance
  • Quality compliance of the sector
  • Improve the water supply with the recirculating treated water.
  • Sell irrigation water
  • Improve your water and carbon footprint
  • Save water and make fire reservations
  • Recargar acuíferos
  • Preserve Biodiversity
  • Invest into a CSR program
  • Reforest
  • Rehabilitate water bodies
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