Do you have any concern with any effluent or higly contaminated water?

Depollute & reuse.

Thanks to a disruptive biomaterial and our water treatment engineering, we depollute highly contaminated effluents naturally and deliver a produced water ready for reuse. #TheAnswerIsInNature


We give you the best advice and design to understand better the source and optimization of your effluents dump or new recycling waterline.


Complete effluent treatment offering including: Equipment rental Guaranteed operation maintenance and maintenance The overall maintenance service is planned for the duration of the contract.


Thanks to our accredited laboratories, we allow you to see and measure accurately, thanks to your Mass Spectrometry analysis, which contaminants disrupt your process or compliance.

From 1LPS to 2x10m3/h per module | without energy.

Our green & circular approach

To each industrial case, its specific solution.

Depending on the industrial domain and the environmental conditions, the effluents have a broad spectrum of chemical pollutants removal and various levels of toxicity: solid or dissolved compounds, organic and mineral materials, metals, hydrocarbons, solvents, polymers, oils, greases , salts, et c…

Our solution always goes green and circular.

This wide variety of pollutants requires a specific approach in which ORGASORB Water determines the process or combination of processes that precisely meets industry requirements: reject standards, maximum safety, scalability, budget, operating costs, footprint scaled down.

Thanks to combination of biotechnologies, Engineers’ team of ORGASORB Water can remove a large spectrum of contaminants, including those which were famous to be so expensive to clear up. 

From small to large effluents/waste water treatment projects
ORGASORB Water proposes appropriate answers whatever the scale of the clean-up project and its complexity, whether the installation is new or existing. Its technological portfolio and its capacity for innovation (ORGASORB R & D resources) increase the possibilities of combinations / associations to implement the most efficient and reliable solution.


ORGASORB inside™ decontaminating cartridge made with biosourced carpet that captures - in an inert and irreversible way - metals, metalloids and glyphosate dissolved into water - ENERGY-FREE PROCESS. #TheAnswerIsInNature

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